Real Reel News: 3.3.20

Real Reel News: 3.3.20 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

Steven Spielberg just made one of the most surprising decisions of his entire career. And I am not pleased.

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Real Reel News: 2.20.20

Real Reel News: 2.20.20 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

When you’re having a rough week, just pinch yourself and remember that we’re getting another Bill and Ted movie soon. And if you want to know what’s next for Planet of the Apes, Independence Day, and Jurassic World, read on!

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Real Reel News: 2.13.20

Real Reel News: 2.13.20 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

Our first look at The French Dispatch is here, and it basically looks like Wes Anderson adapted a Wes Anderson movie. That’s a good thing! Plus, we’ve got some big news about the return of a certain beloved, bespectacled Canadian.

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Real Reel News: 2.6.20

Real Reel News: 2.6.20 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

What happens when you mix Doctor Strange, Chris Rock, and Nicolas Cage? I have no idea. But we’ve got big news about all three!

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Real Reel News: Super Bowl Edition

Real Reel News: Super Bowl Edition 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

On Super Bowl Sunday two years ago, I nearly shattered every window in my apartment building with a falsetto shriek when The Cloverfield Paradox trailer dropped during the game. The trailer suggested…

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Real Reel News: 1.30.20

Real Reel News: 1.30.20 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

As Long Duk Dong would say, “What’s happening, hot stuff?” Welcome to the first edition of our new digest about the latest and greatest movie news!

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