This category used to be called “excited” but then Christian pointed out that we really should be excited about everything we share… So now it’s the place we put stuff for which we are EXTRA excited!

To the stars…

To the stars… 1920 1081 Producer

After a very long wait, we finally have a trailer for one of our year’s most anticipated movies: Ad Astra, a high concept sci-fi mystery with Brad Pitt. And, holy cow,…

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Ridley’s Believe It or Not

Ridley’s Believe It or Not 1920 1081 Producer

On the 40th anniversary of Alien, there’s some interesting – and frankly, unexpected – news to share about the franchise’s future. Alien seems like an ancient classic, but it’s only…

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Two Legends Return

Two Legends Return 2000 1125 Producer

In the face of nearly insurmountable adversity, after what feels like an eternity, the time has come for two legends to return. And we’re back, too! We just haven’t had…

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McTiernan, you son of a bitch!

McTiernan, you son of a bitch! 1920 1080 Christian Clansky

John McTiernan is returning to Hollywood for a sci-fi/action movie

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Will Smith Genie

The Reboot, The Genie, and…The X-Man?

The Reboot, The Genie, and…The X-Man? 800 600 Producer

We hate the term reboot, and our mothers warned us not to use the word hate! It’s not the idea of revisiting old properties that grinds our gears. It’s the…

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Taika Waititi for X-Men

Taika Waititi for X-Men 2000 1125 Christian Clansky

Waititi did state his desire to continue working with Marvel and he suggested he’s already had conversations about new projects…

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Off the Radar 2019

Off the Radar 2019 2000 1333 Christian Clansky

Here are a few 2019 movies with budgets under a trillion dollars that might not be on your radar yet!

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